Northern Stage

Head of Producing

Reporting to the Artistic Director, the Head of Producing is responsible for the oversight, delivery and management of Northern Stage’s programme of produced, presented and artistic projects. You will lead and manage the Artistic Planning team, build a creative and artistic partnership with the Artistic Director, and work closely with the Participation Director to integrate all of Northern Stage’s creative activity. You will be responsible for all artistic budgets, working closely with the Communications Director to achieve ambitious yet achievable audience and financial targets.

This role sits as a member of the Senior Management Team, alongside the Finance Director, Participation Director, Communications & Sales Director, Strategic Partnerships & Fundraising Director, Head of Commercial & Operations and Head of Technical & Production.

Key Responsibilities

Senior Leadership

  • Support the Artistic Director in identifying and generating a programme of work that realises the artistic vision and strategic ambitions of Northern Stage, ensuring inclusivity, diversity and sustainability are core elements of our work
  • Proactively seek investors and co-producers, maintain relationships with companies and artists, and create opportunities for new, engaging productions across our three stages
  • As a member of the Senior Management Team, develop and implement Northern Stage’s business plan, ensuring that the artistic vision is clearly articulated, and the balance is maintained between creative ambitions and financial sustainability
  • Promote Northern Stage’s place in the theatre ecology, gathering intelligence on arts and audience trends to bring back to Northern Stage to inform its future planning
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the organisation and the wider sector to innovate and deliver new environmentally sustainable models of producing and touring theatre productions
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the organisation to devise and deliver audience development initiatives
  • With the Artistic Director and Participation Director, set objectives and bring alignment to creative, participation and talent development programmes

Producing & Programming

  • Lead produce (and support the Producer/Programmer to line produce) all Northern Stage production, co-productions and tours, including.
    – Leading on the planning, development, negotiation and management of productions, co-productions, tours and transfers with oversight from the Executive Director
    – Negotiating, contracting and managing creative teams (including rights, fees, expenses, travel etc)
    – Preparing detailed budgets and taking overall production budget responsibility
  • Take lead responsibility, working closely with SMT, for scheduling and managing the utilisation of performance spaces to facilitate the full range of creative and commercial activity at Northern Stage
  • Take responsibility, with the Executive Director and Communications Director, for setting Northern Stage’s income targets from the performance programme and for achieving these targets through good financial management, monitoring and reporting
  • Work with the Executive Director and Finance Director on all touring and co-production budgets, agreeing terms and conditions for Theatre Tax Relief with co-producers and ensuring the best financial deals are in place for Northern Stage
  • Support the welfare and needs of visiting artists, companies and creatives and their interaction with the rest of the theatre (e.g. rehearsals, meet & greets, guest lists) and any access needs
  • Coordinate research and development activity for works under commission or in consideration for future programming, and contribute to the development of the making of work, through support, feedback, advice or practical help as appropriate
  • Work with the Artistic Director to develop an artistic evaluation methodology and lead the creative evaluation of Northern Stage productions and projects, with support from the Creative Associate

Lead the Artistic Planning Department

  • Provide clear and effective line management to the Producer/Programmer
  • Prepare, monitor, and update budgets throughout the year, including:
    – Produced budget
    – Performance Programme Budget
    – Talent Development
  • Work with the Artistic Planning team to develop and coordinate artistic planning systems and documents, and ensure good lines of communication and working relationships with all departments
  • Work with the Communications and Sales Director to ensure integrated working between artistic and communications/box office teams
  • Ensure effective internal communication within production teams, with co-producers and within the organisation

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Closing date for applications: Wed 5 April, 12pm

First interviews: Thu 4 May
Second interviews: w/c 15 May (TBC)