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Manchester City of Literature

Archived: Project Evaluation Consultant

Manchester City of Literature
Consultant Brief for review of A City Connects projects

Manchester City of Literature wishes to appoint a consultant to gather evidence and assess the impact on participants’ wellbeing of writing programmes in Manchester and the city region during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, and specifically of A City Connects projects.

Manchester City of Literature works with and through many partners across the literature sector in Manchester and the city region. Manchester City of Literature is particularly keen to draw on the experience of partner agencies which have led literature projects, in evaluating the impact on participants.

These projects include:

  • The Men’s Room arts and health charity – online writing workshops for service users led by Jane Bradley
  • Creative Care Kits for Young People which included writing exercises (GMCA)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University’s Poetry for Well-being, We Write Every Day and Write Where We Are Now programmes
  • University of Manchester’s Poems in a Pandemic schools programme
  • University of Manchester’s Expressive Writing during lockdown research study
  • The Writing Squad’s Staying Home lockdown observation writing project
  • The Poetry Health Service (Oldham Coliseum/Hafsah Aneela Bashir)

Some of these projects were devised and implemented quickly so may not have evaluation/self-evaluation built in.

Manchester City of Literature is also keen to draw on and engage with the expertise and expertise of others working in health and wellbeing in the cultural sector and more widely in the city region, including:

  • Becky Swain, Director of the Manchester Poetry Library (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Clive Parkinson, Director of Arts for Health (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Virginia Tandy, Director of Agency for Age Friendly Culture (University of Manchester)
  • Julie McCarthy, Great Place programme (Greater Manchester Combined Authority).

This work will comprise:

  • a literature review of recent and relevant studies into writing for health and well-being;
  • desk research to review evaluation by partners delivering writing activity;
  • in depth interviews with project leads to gather their insights; draw out learning; identify gaps in provision/ duplication; and understand their priorities and/ or recommendations going forward;
  • draft themes and methodologies for evaluation and recommendations for Manchester City of Literature;
  • share draft framework with key stakeholders and refine
  • regular updates to Manchester City of Literature team.
  • Final report


Invitation to submit expression of interest: by 25 September
Appointment confirmed: by 2 October
Commissioning meeting: by Monday 12 October
Final Draft Report submitted: by Monday 30 November.

£2,500 including all expenses but excluding VAT, based on 6-10 days work

Registering your interest:
Please submit an expression of interest by Friday 25 September to Ivan Wadeson by email . EOI to be not more than 3 pages, including:
– relevant experience;
– your intended approach this work;
– an indicative breakdown of tasks and schedule.

If you have further questions, please contact Ivan on the above email or on 07751 423661. var ClickMeter_pixel_url = ‘//’;